About Me

Hey that's meHello there! I am so glad our paths met. Welcome to My Spoonful Of Fun! 🙂

Let me tell you 5 useless facts about me (in case you are interested):

1. My favorite language is food and coffee is the reason I wake up every morning.
2. I suffer from a chronic case of sweet tooth and can instantly compromise my morals for dessert (mild exaggeration)
3. Traveling the world is a dream for which I can live out of a suitcase. Having said that, being on an airplane is my least favorite bit. Yikes.
4. Karachi runs in my blood (the place where I was born and brought up), and Dubai lives in my heart (home to some of our most cherished, life-long memories).
5. When I am not experimenting in the kitchen or adulting in general, you can find me enjoying kids’ literature. Bestest pastime!

Oh and by the way, friends and family call me Mahjabeen 🙂 Ok. Enough with occupying precious real estate in your mind about myself. Lets discuss what’s in it for you.

What to expect from My Spoonful of Fun?

Since my idea of fun mostly revolves around food so yes, primarily that. Add to it an occasional dash of parenting drama, topped with some of my travel shenanigans and a generous sprinkle of life adventures. Lets hold hands and get started on this exciting journey.

Where else to find me?

If you would like to share your chocolate with me, please feel free to contact me at: myspoonfuloffun@gmail.com

I can also be found on Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram and Twitter.